PlAn for Green OppoRtunities

Be A Digital scIentific chanGeMaker

Project Result 1: Online Training Programme

The objective is to bring awareness to environmental issues through STEM and at the same time to enhance the social engagement skills and methods to leverage digital activism through citizen science projects, in order to actively engage youngsters in environmental monitoring and protection actions.

Project Result 2: IoT-STEM Based Environmental Observatories Framework

A technological pillar of the project that facilitateS engagement (learn by doing and acting) of teachers, students, parents and the wider community towards understanding the changes needed for a successful transition to a green economy, respecting the environment and sustainable way of life.

Project Result 3: Virtual Maker Space and Repository

Through a collaborative open-source platform hosting the technical materials and associated set of tutorials and companions it will support the creation of an environmental data culture through citizen science actions. All lesson plans and educational material/tutorials for the selected use-cases that will be piloted but also new proposed by the PARADIGM community will be maintained in the repository.



Raising environmental awareness and active engagement in green initiatives​


Developing innovative STEM based curricula that cultivate transversal skills


Upskilling teaching staff with novel educational methodology and tools


Creating European Community of Citizen Science


Direct Target Group

European Schools

Indirect Target groups