The Cluster of Schools named AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS JOSÉ ESTÊVÃO was born on April 2013.This cluster of schools works with pupils from 3 years old up to the adult population. It has 2 800. This cluster we also has another six schools besides the secondary on where the national curriculum is developed with special emphasis on Science, Arts, Sports, Vet Courses and disable students. In this different dynamic it includes several classes of the Professional Courses (VET Courses in the secondary school) in different areas such as ICT Programming, Sports, Industrial Design, Photography, and Commercial Digital Services. 

The Cluster is the head of the consortium responsible for the Training Teachers (Professional Development) and staff who belong to the schools nearby of Aveiro. Different kinds of Projects have been developed with and for students of different ages linked to different fields such as Tutoring or Volunteer Work. The Cluster is a member of DLearn International Network and has been recognized by World Minigolf Sport Federation and European Minigolf Federation and also by Lions Clube Santa Joana Princesa, of Aveiro.

Legal Representative: Fernando Delgado Santos